Legally Blind Observations

Damn near blind with shit brown eyes. I think I do all right.

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Operation: Get Me the Fuck Up Outta Here 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0
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How to be a Successful New Yorker
If you came to hear me beg rap/make beats
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Quotes and Conversations
Interesting things said by Momma Duran, Poppadukes, and my sister
In which I am dead from laughter
What I Need in Life (updated as needed)
Things that are accurate!
People that I would maim in the street
Pickup Lines So Bad They Must Work
Thomas Griffin asks "why?"
The Frown-Upside-Down Project (aka Hipster Edits)
Adventures with Waldy
The Word of Bovice
Da Serenadin' Da Ladiez List
All my lovely angry rants
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